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Our Puppy Social – Walk & Talk is a service for puppies ages 12 weeks – 6 months. The world of canine socialisation can be a minefield, with some puppies so overwhelmed by other dogs that they don’t want to walk, and others so over-enthusiastic to greet other dogs that they end up being snapped at, which can cause fear and even harm to a puppy.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, unstructured puppy parties can be a free-for-all if not well monitored, with the nervous puppies often intimidated by those more outgoing and boisterous.

We aim for the middle ground. You’ll join a group of up to three other puppies and their parents, and be led on a local walk by our head trainer and a calm, sociable adult dog who will act as a positive role model out in the real world.

During your walk you’ll have opportunity to discuss aspects of canine body language, social etiquette, owner etiquette, and puppy ownership, while your puppy learns to relax in the presence of other dogs and appreciates a gentle sniffy walk in the Blackburn with Darwen area.

This is not a free play session.

This is a time for you and your pup to learn how to be around other dogs without needing to play. A time to learn impulse control and good social manners.

Older puppies may also be considered by prior agreement (i.e. slower maturing large/giant breeds). Please contact us before booking if your puppy is older than 6 months.

Price List

Each Walk & Talk is £15.00 per puppy.

We accept multiple handlers per puppy to accommodate partners/spouses/parents, but please note that due to the sensitive nature of some puppies we can only accept children under the age of 16 years on specified child-friendly sessions.

Sessions which are Accessible (for users of wheelchairs, mobility scooters, pushchairs and prams) will be marked accordingly on the booking system.