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We currently offer dog training on a 1:1 basis in or around your home area. Topics we cover include:

  • Loose Lead Walking
  • Recall
  • Focus on you
  • Settle / Relaxation
  • Managing excitement
  • Prevent jumping / pulling
  • Brain games
  • …and more

We also offer a Training Walk service, allowing us to incorporate training elements into a routine walk and provide feedback to you on your dog’s progress. This option is ideal for anyone who is struggling to fit a training session into their schedule.

Our company is a force-free trainer using science-based methods to train animals. This means we don’t use fear, intimidation or punishment to correct unwanted behaviour, nor do we advocate the use of choke, prong or e-collars. Our own dogs are trained using humane methods and positive reinforcement and include elements of clicker training and shaping. All training is done using your dog’s regular flat collar and lead, or harness and lead where appropriate.

After each session, you’ll also be sent a personalised training plan for your dog. This will be in the form of a recap of topics covered, actions discussed, and how to progress after the session. This will help you to recall the highlights of the session, and ensure everybody in your household is following the same guidelines around your dog.

Training sessions can cover any topic you wish, but please be aware that we do not offer a behaviourist service and cannot advise on subjects such as health and nutrition (you should seek advise from your vet/a nutritionist respectively) or behaviour problems such as reactivity or resource guarding.

Price List

1:1 Training Session
£35.00 for up to 45 minutes, within 5 miles of BB1 2NG
For sessions within a 5-10 mile radius of BB1 2NG, an additional £5.00 fee will apply
We don’t currently offer 1:1 training outside a 10 mile radius of Blackburn/Darwen

Training Walk
£12.00 for 30 minutes
£20.00 for 1 hour

For dogs under 1 year of age, please view our Puppy School page.

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