What is Mantrailing?

Mantrailing is an addictive, fast-growing dog sport in the UK, in which pet dogs are taught scent discrimination, allowing them to follow a pre-laid trail to find a specific target. In simple terms, it’s a game of hide and seek for your dog! For new mantrailing teams, trails start out simple, and as you and your dog gain more confidence, they become longer and/or more complex. Mantrailing is practiced in a variety of different environments, including urban, semi-urban and rural. One week you could be trailing in a town centre, and the next week in a country park. Each environment introduces new challenges and distractions for your dog.

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Mantrailing takes place in a variety of different locations

Can my dog Trail?

All dogs can be taught how to follow a scent — using the nose comes naturally to our canine companions, and it’s a powerful tool we can harness. Dogs are encouraged to trail by receiving a high value reward when they reach their goal. High value rewards are your dog’s favourite food/treats, or a special toy. You’d be amazed at the drive that dogs can exhibit when they know their special reward is waiting at the end of the trail.

Mantrailing is a very inclusive and low-impact sport. Unlike some other dog activities, you don’t need to be very fit and your dog doesn’t need to be a top athlete in order to participate. Dogs that are less mobile and not able to participate in more rigorous activities/sports can usually take part in and benefit from trailing. As dogs are worked individually, reactive dogs can almost always be accommodated on a session, and you may find that mantrailing can help improve your reactive dog’s behaviour.

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Mantrailing is suitable for any breed or age of dog

Mantrailing Introduction

During your mantrailing introduction course, you and your dog will cover the basics of how to begin trailing. This session is all about teaching your dog how to play the “game” of following a scent. Once you’ve undertaken a mantrailing introduction course, you will be able to trail with any Mantrailing UK qualified instructor.

The mantrailing introduction usually lasts about 3-5 hours, dependent on the number of participants, and sessions are usually held one or two Saturdays per months, from 10am – 2pm. During your Mantrailing Introduction course, you and your dog will cover the basics of how to begin trailing. This session is all about teaching your dog how to play the “game” of following a scent. If you’re not able to attend an Introduction on a Saturday, we will be able to accommodate you instead on one of our evening or weekend trailing sessions.

The cost of the Introduction Workshop is £60 per session.

Mantrailing Progression Sessions

After completing your Mantrailing Introduction course with Dog Ways Lancashire or another Mantrailing UK certified instructor, you will be eligible to attend the weekly trailing sessions and begin working towards your Level 1 award. Weekly mantrailing sessions take place in and around East Lancashire, in a variety of appropriate urban and rural settings. Exact locations will be confirmed to attendees 3 days before the training date.

The cost of the progression training is £20 per session.

Depending on the number of attendees, the weekly session may last between 1.5-3 hours. Whilst training venues are decided in advance of each session, if you’re trailing regularly with us, please let us know where you’re coming from and we’ll try to source some locations near to you as well.

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