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For those puppies who aren’t yet ready for classes, or puppies/owners who prefer to learn in a 1-2-1 environment with bespoke sessions tailored for the individual, we offer a suite of Private Tuition sessions. Topics we cover include (but are not limited to):

  • Choosing Your Ideal Puppy — Still thinking about what kind of puppy to bring into your home? Dog Ways offers impartial advice on breed and lifestyle suitability, and how to recognise a responsible breeder.
  • Puppy-Proofing Your Home — Before (or directly after) your new puppy arrives, we offer a full home and yard/garden review service and advice on how to keep your new puppy safe during the exploration stage. Especially important because puppies often like to explore with their mouths!
  • Mouthing, Biting & Nipping — One of the big challenges faced by many puppy owners. We’ll provide advice and teach you methods to manage the sharp end of your pup.
  • Toilet Training Tips — The do‘s, the don’t‘s and the pitfalls to avoid when encouraging your puppy to use the great outdoors, and not your living room floor, as his toilet.
  • Activity & Restriction Action Plan — How to help manage your puppy’s sleeping patterns, play time and boundaries from the moment you bring her home.
  • Lead-Walking Woes — Puppies can find walking on a lead in the big wide world overwhelming at times. We can help both of you to adapt and find enjoying in exploring the world together.
  • Puppy Education for Children — Incidents of dogs biting children aren’t always caused by dogs being dangerous and out of control – sometimes, a dog reacts to rough or disrespectful behaviour from a child who doesn’t know any better. If you’re thinking of bringing a puppy into a home with children, it’s worth ensuring they know how to appropriately play with puppies and dogs of any age.
  • Basic Training for Puppies — It’s never too early to start training with your puppies. Many owners like their puppies to be able to sit and lie down, but it’s also important to teach your puppy patience and good manners, so that they don’t learn unruly behaviours. Whether you need one training session or ten, we’re here to help.
  • …anything else! — Bespoke sessions are available to cover any aspect of your puppy training requirements.

Most Puppy School sessions are best scheduled when most family members are around, normally in the evenings or weekends. That way, everybody in the house gets the same message and the training of your puppy is much more consistent. Each 30-45 minute session will be practical, hands-on, and there will be homework!

After each session, you’ll also be sent a personalised post-training plan for your puppy. This will be in the form of a recap of topics covered, actions discussed, and how to progress after the session. This will help you to recall the highlights of the training, and ensure everybody in your household is following the same guidelines around your puppy.

The Puppy-Proofing session will last up to 90 minutes (depending on the size of your house and garden), and can incorporate elements of advice on Choosing Your Ideal Puppy, if needed.

Price List

We now have two options available for our Private Tuition:

Pay-As-You-Go: £35 per session within a 5-mile radius, £40 per session within a 10-mile radius
Pay-Per-Module: £200 per module within a 5-mile radius, £230 per module within a 10-mile radius

Each module consists of six 30-45 minute sessions which can be booked over weeks or months depending on your own preference and schedule. You can pick from our menu of topics (see above) or let us know what you’d like to cover, and we’ll deliver the training that you want to see.

For each module that you complete, you and your puppy will gain a Graduation Certificate detailing which aspects of training you’ve covered during the module. Our graduation certificates are a symbol of your hard work and dedication to training your puppy and growing your bond using positive, science-based methods.

The only topic not included within the module price is Puppy-Proofing Your Home. This topic requires significantly more time than a regular session, as we’ll need to take an in-depth look at your home and garden so we can advise about puppy safety. This session can be booked separately, the cost is:

Puppy-Proofing Your Home
Duration: Up to 90 minutes (1 hour 30 minutes)
Cost: £55 within a 5-mile radius, £60 within a 10-mile radius

For sessions outside of a 10-mile radius of Guide (Jct 5 of the M65), please contact us for price and availability.

5-mile radius (green), 10-mile radius (grey)

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