Canicross Code of Practice

Please read carefully the following Code of Practice ahead of attending your session with us. This will ensure you and your dog get the most out of your class with us and ensure your wellbeing and safety.

• The session is conducted off-road therefore the terrain can often be uneven, muddy, slippy and/or wet. Please remember to bring a pair of trail trainers and a waterproof running jacket in preparation for this.

• Please assume the course will be going ahead unless we get in touch directly to state otherwise. In the case of adverse weather conditions, the dogs’ welfare comes first and we may amend or postpone the course to another date for the safety of the dogs if necessary.

• Your dog must be fully matured to take part in one of our Canicross classes. This is so that their bones and joints are fully developed to minimise any risk of injury. Typically this is around 1 year to 18 months depending on the breed size; sometimes older in giant breeds. If unsure, please check with your vet prior to attendance.

• Please do not feed your dog at least 1-2 hours prior to the course starting to avoid risk of bloat and any discomfort during the practical session for them.

• Please inform your instructor in any pre-class paperwork and before the class if your dog has any medical or behavioural issues we need to be aware of before starting to ensure the dog’s wellbeing and that safety is maintained.

• Please arrive in plenty of time for the class start.

• Please keep your dog in the car until told otherwise by the instructor, and keep your dog on-lead at all times. This will help keep the dogs calm, under control and avoid any potential problems arising.

• Always follow the guidance of your instructor.

• We will often regroup during the session for refreshment stops or breaks. At these times please keep your dog under close control and give plenty of space from the other people and dogs.

• Always clean up after your dog.

• After a run, off your dog a drink of water to rehydrate after each run. Don’t allow them to drink too much too soon, to help reduce the risk of bloat.

• Please allow plenty of time after the run for your dog to cool down before putting them back in the car to settle.