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Dog Ways Lancashire are:

  • Fully insured with Protectivity pet business insurance
  • NarpsUK Certified
  • DBS Checked
  • Member of the Pet Professional Guild
  • Full, clean UK driving license with business insurance
  • Trained in Canine First and Advanced Canine First Aid
  • We carry a pet First Aid kit in our business vehicle

We offer dog walking services in Blackburn, Darwen and surrounding local areas. Depending on your preference, dogs can be walked:

  • Individually
  • As part of a group of up to 3 other dogs
  • Training Walk

Individual walks are best for nervous or reactive dogs, or those who prefer walking without a canine companion. A benefit of individual walking is that your dog receives 100% of our attention, and we can tailor the walk to avoid any areas/situations which may trigger or upset your dog.

Group walks are ideal for dogs who are social with other dogs. Pack walking is a great way for dogs to form bonds and learn to travel as part of a larger group. If you’re happy for your dog to be taken on a pack walk, we will ensure it is walked with other sociable dogs of a similar fitness level (so that a young, healthy dog can have a more vigorous walk than an older or less able dog).

Training Walk incorporates aspects of training into your dog’s walk. We can cover topics such as loose lead walking, recall, attention to handler, basic obedience, and so forth. Dogs are walked individually on a training walk, to allow us to focus our full effort on your dog.

All dog walks are either 30 minutes or 1 hour, depending on which you book.


It’s vital that puppies are not over-walked, to protect their joints and growth plates. The Kennel Club, veterinarians and other animal welfare organisations recommend that puppies get 5 minutes of exercise per month of age, twice per day, until the puppy is fully grown. So that’s 15 minutes up to twice a day for a 3 month (12 week) old puppy, 20 minutes up to twice a day for a 4 month (16 week) old puppy, and so forth. You can click here to read more information.

All puppies booked onto a dog walk will be walked individually, not as part of a group, up to 12 months of age. You can still book an hour’s walk, and your puppy will be walked for a duration appropriate to its age, followed by the remaining time spent on in-home socialisation and play, or low-intensity enrichment and play outdoors.


Our company van is equipped with in-built crates that can accommodate two small/medium dogs and two medium/large dogs, with each dog travelling in its own individual crate. Dogs from the same household may be able to travel together in one crate, dependent upon their size and desire for personal space. Dogs from separate households will never travel in the same crate.

For new clients, prior to your first dog walking booking, an initial meet & greet consultation visit will need to take place at your home, so that we can meet you and your dog, and you can view our credentials. There is no charge for the initial consultation, and no obligation placed upon you to commit to the booking at this stage. Please contact us to arrange a visit using the Enquiry Form at the bottom of this page.

Price List

Individual Dog/Puppy
Half hour – £8.00
One hour – £12.00

Group Walks
Half hour – £7.00
One hour – £10.00

Training Walk
Half hour – £12.00
One hour – £20.00

Multiple Dog Household
Half hour
2 Dogs – £13.00
3 Dogs – £19.00
4 Dogs – £25.00

One hour
2 dogs – £18.00
3 dogs – £26.00
4 dogs – £32.00

We currently offer dog-walking services within a 5 mile radius of Jct 5 of the M65 (Guide). Areas covered can be seen within the green circle on the map below.

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